Theta Nu Brochure

Now that Greek rush and pledging has come to its inevitable end, it is time to prepare for next year! I have now made an infographic that we will be able to use next year as a pamphlet or brochure. For the sake of complication I have filled out the information as if it is for the 2013-2014 year because we do not yet know what awards and other accomplishments we will be able to put on it for next year. My goal was to share small fun facts, a little history, and some achievements about Theta Nu. Simultaneously, I wanted to visually show the uniqueness and love of Theta Nu. I feel I did this through visual pictures, fun colors, and quotes. Infographics are great to inform and promote.

Theta Nu pamphlet Copy (1)

Love & Violets

Theta Nu now has a new website where you can come to see what’s new and the awesome things that the sorority is doing. There will be a ton of new blogs where you can read about the chapter, as well as photo galleries, history, and great updates. So, stay on the edge of your computer chair for lots of Theta goodies!

Love and Violets!