Our Sisters


Chapter Executive Board

  • President: Kari Shank
  • Vice President: Alicia Lawson
  • Recording Secretary: Nikki Pepera
  • Treasurer: Morgan Hunsaker
  • Alumnae Coordinator: Shannon Back
  • House Manager: Jessica Hinkel
  • New Member Educator: Ashley Hook
  • Senior Pahel Representative: Kaylee Cialella
  • Senior Representative: Ashley Mann
  • Sophomore Representative: Mikayla Pieper

Chapter Officers

  • Assistant Choristers: Lexi Roberts, Allison Jeffries
  • Assistant New Member Education: Morgan Poczekaj, Taylor Numbers
  • Assistant Recruitments: Lexi Roberts, Colleen Whalen
  • Assistant Social: Jami Aufderbeck
  • Assistant Special Events: Emma Sicker, Adrienne Emerine
  • Assistant Treasurer: Alli Prowet
  • Athletics: Spencer Kurtzahn
  • Chaplain: Mary Murphy
  • Chorister: Alicia Lawson
  • Constitution: Ashley Carrier
  • Corresponding Secretary: Taylor Numbers
  • Apparel Chair: Mary Murphy
  • Fundraising: Jordyn Perry
  • Historian: Mary Murphy
  • Junior Panhel: Michaela Miller
  • Public Relations: Ashley Albright
  • Scholarship: Kylee Tuchfarber
  • Sergeant at Arms: Nikki Sherbahn
  • Service: Breanna Vincent
  • Social Chair: Megan Lynch
  • Special Events: Rebecca Carter


  • Alumnae Advisors: Alyson Bates & Courtney Wagner
  • Campus Advisor: Holly Ritter
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